Weights and Meausures

Last night, I was feeling completely overwhelmed by my growing mental to-do list and how little I was able to accomplish off the list this weekend.

Thankfully, Eric was there to help me through and realize how we can make it work as a team. I don’t have to measure myself against that lit, but share a few of them with him so he can help and serve me better.

This list of things to refocus my attention would have been so helpful, too.


Even though I didn’t get all the things done around the house and prepped for the work week, I was still able to spend some quality time with my family yesterday and support Eric in his desire to have one of the best looking yards on the street.

Tomorrow is another day, and I am continually learning to not measure myself against an insurmountable list of “tasks” but in moments shared with others.

We truly are “always students” in life.

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