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Draft Root Beer…Who knew?

As a part of our final tour in Wisconsin, we made a visit to Sprecher’s Brewery in Milwaukee. While they do make beer products served in their restaurants across the state, they are better known for their root beer. Made with honey instead of sugar, it is some of the best in the state.

On the tour, we were able to see where the magic happens. Beer and soda are brewed in the same kettle! Soda can brew and bottle in the same day, while beers can take much longer depending on the recipe. Even still, they outsell root beer to beers 3:1 overall.

They also showed us the bottling and labeling line. It is a smaller production but still like something out of Mr. Roger’s show. There is just something engrossing about how things are made on assembly lines to this day.

After the tour, we were able to sample up to four beverages in their restaurant after the tour, too. In the end, we both concluded the sodas were better than some of the beers. Eric is even plotting to bring 1/2 a keg of their root beer back to Texas with us soon.





Lambeau Field Day Trip

Yesterday, we took a trip up to Green Bay to see Lambeau Field. It is something we have been meaning to do since we moved and today all the pieces fell just right to make it happen.

Lucky for us it was a slow enough day there were also spots left on the tour. The pride and knowledge of the tour guides speaks volumes of the fans. They truly believe the Packers organization can do no wrong – or at least that is the air they have bout themselves.

Here are a few photos from my phone of the tour. Most of it was inside. With temps around 23 degrees today, I’m glad we weren’t outside too long. Burr!






The move – 500 miles to go!

Back on the open road for day 2 –

After leaving our half-way point (Kansas City) we set out across Missouri and into Iowa. It was overcast most of the day, so this is what we saw for much of the drive…

And here is what it looked like inside the car…

My turn to drive

and Eric’s turn to take another nap

We made it to Iowa in record time. {picture endless fields of corn}

Along the way we found a Wisconsin driver who loves the Texas Rangers {What are the odds?!}

Crossing into Wisconsin we took this bridge over the Mississippi {This is where it starts}


The rest of the drive was pretty much fields of corn or cows {what Wis is known for}. We stayed in a hotel the first night and I moved into my apartment the next day after work. Unfortunately, Eric left early the next morning to head back to Texas. Just a few short months and he’ll be joining me up here in the cold!

I have a place to live!

Or, I found an apartment in Wisconsin today!

After a solid week of seriously searching {by serious I mean emailing/calling 10+ people a day}, I finally found a place to stay come next Monday. It was such a blessing and answer to prayer. I’d been stressing all week about it.

Yes, I can stay in an extended stay place for a little while. But, there’s nothing like having your own space and something to create as your home. {even if there won’t be much to create until Nov/Dec when the furniture comes up}. Until then, I will get settled in and hopefully learn where stuff is at.

One good thing to note about the apartments complex is that it’s on the main bus route…translation, the roads will get plowed first. There is also a Wal-Mart across the street in case anything drastic happens. {oh my}!

This girl has a lot to learn about the cold weather. Who even knew about “winter advisory days” and “winter hazard days”.

The best part is, the apartments are just 6 blocks from the office, across the highway from the mall, and big enough for both of us to live in come December!

Wisconsin…here we come!

Last week, Amanda received a promotion and will be moving to the organization’s corporate office next week. In preparation for the move, she has gone through all her “winter” clothes and came up with the outfit above. They area actually her ski/snowboarding clothes from high school. {we’re still working on the shoes}

Over the next couple of months, we’re really going to rack up the frequent flyer miles with our back and forth trips. Then in December, we’ll be together again in Wisconsin. Eric really didn’t want to leave his kids after only 3 weeks of school. We are so blessed that his principals took the news so well. {one even offered to let him stay with them the last month after our current lease runs out}

Through this transition time, we have already seen God provide and cannot wait to see what else he has planned.

In the meantime, please pray for Amanda to find an apartment up there. It has been a difficult search from 900 miles away. Also, pray for our safe travels this weekend up there. It will be a long haul, but great time spent together.

Stay tuned for more episodes in “The Epic Move to the White Tundra”!