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Thanksgiving is just a week away…

This year, Thanksgiving is going to look a little bit different with our move to Wisconsin. Eric is coming to visit in just a few days, and we’re going to spend the week unloading the moving truck and setting up house.

On Turkey Day, we plan to go up to visit his best friend and his wife for a great meal and good conversation. They have the cutest little baby boy and are so great to act as our family away from home this holiday.

Today, when I saw this PSA from William Shatner, I thought of my dad and his love of fried turkey. Give him injectable flavor and hours to cook the tastiest turkey you’ll ever taste.

However, I do remember the hazzards and fires these things put out. It seems like they have died down, but who can resist a well-intentioned silliness.

William Shatner & State Farm® present \”Eat, Fry, Love,\” a turkey fryer fire cautionary tale