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Warmer Weather, Here We Come!


A few months ago, circumstances caused us to begin putting together a timeline for moving back to Texas and beginning the next chapter of our lives together. The one thing we were having trouble with was how we were going to make this transition.

A few weeks ago, God answered this question for us in a way we could not foresee. All of the pieces started to fall together making the move back an obvious next step.

The main thing that made the decision to move back so difficult were all if the friends and the community we’ve found here. They really have become like family to us and we are already making plans to come back soon to visit.

In the last few days, we have seen God’s hand opening doors for us, as well. We have both seen great opportunities develop in the job market that could only be explained by God’s perfect plan.

Besides the opportunity for new jobs, we are excited to be back closer to family and friends we left when we moved North. There are so many exciting life events coming up (three weddings by September and birthdays galore) that it will be good to be closer again.

While packing everything up and making the two-day drive will be a lot of work, I think we both feel this is what we should be doing… Even if that means leaving such good friends.

We knew our time in Wisconsin would be limited, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.