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I have a place to live!

Or, I found an apartment in Wisconsin today!

After a solid week of seriously searching {by serious I mean emailing/calling 10+ people a day}, I finally found a place to stay come next Monday. It was such a blessing and answer to prayer. I’d been stressing all week about it.

Yes, I can stay in an extended stay place for a little while. But, there’s nothing like having your own space and something to create as your home. {even if there won’t be much to create until Nov/Dec when the furniture comes up}. Until then, I will get settled in and hopefully learn where stuff is at.

One good thing to note about the apartments complex is that it’s on the main bus route…translation, the roads will get plowed first. There is also a Wal-Mart across the street in case anything drastic happens. {oh my}!

This girl has a lot to learn about the cold weather. Who even knew about “winter advisory days” and “winter hazard days”.

The best part is, the apartments are just 6 blocks from the office, across the highway from the mall, and big enough for both of us to live in come December!