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This week, I’ve been able to catch up with a few friends in the Dallas area. It’s been fun to catch up with everyone, and get back into a routine.

It wasn’t until one friend mentioned the term “boomerang” that I realize that’s exactly what we did.

We grew up to the North and flew back to the South. I think I’ll call this next life phase whiplash.

New (to us) furniture

After two months of no sofa {or much furniture for that matter}, I found us a sofa and love seat set in the area. The couple who we bought it from just moved here a year ago from Nevada and just found a new sectional. As you may remember, we had this lovely sofa in our home.

However, the texture of the microfiber fabric was not up to par for Eric. The cooling nature of it made it “feel wet” when he sat on it. Not quite sure what he means, but we can flex.

We are currently trying to find it a new home before the end of the month. Let us know if you can think of anyone. πŸ™‚

This time I was extra cautious to make sure we found something we can enjoy for a while.

Here it is!

They’re just a year old and the back cushions are removable {great for fluffing and wear}. The couple has a friend who will be delivering them this afternoon. Without a truck to move things, it is a little hard to buy furniture here.

Can’t wait to see how it goes with all the rest of the furniture…one more week until the truck {and my sweet husband} arrive!

The move – 500 miles to go!

Back on the open road for day 2 –

After leaving our half-way point (Kansas City) we set out across Missouri and into Iowa. It was overcast most of the day, so this is what we saw for much of the drive…

And here is what it looked like inside the car…

My turn to drive

and Eric’s turn to take another nap

We made it to Iowa in record time. {picture endless fields of corn}

Along the way we found a Wisconsin driver who loves the Texas Rangers {What are the odds?!}

Crossing into Wisconsin we took this bridge over the Mississippi {This is where it starts}


The rest of the drive was pretty much fields of corn or cows {what Wis is known for}. We stayed in a hotel the first night and I moved into my apartment the next day after work. Unfortunately, Eric left early the next morning to head back to Texas. Just a few short months and he’ll be joining me up here in the cold!

The move… 1,025 miles – Day 1!

After doing some upkeep on the car, finding an apartment, and stuffing “the essentials” into my little car, we were off on our cross country drive to the North. Google Maps took us staight through the middle of the US. If we’d gone in a straight line, I’m almost sure we would have driven the length on the country North to South.

It was a two-day adventure in which we saw a lot of open land (Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa and Wisconsin). We also had the chance to spend some quality time together cramped inside my car with the back seat and trunk packed full.

View from the front of the back seat. There was no view out the back window. {Is that legal?}

The trunk {It closed. I promise}

Poor Eric was up working until 3 a.m. the night before and slept the first half of the trip. {see how little space there was}

Oklahoma! Where the wind goes sweeping ‘cross the prairies.

Took a little detour and had lunch in Stillwater {great food and worth the extra 20 min each way}

Kansas – The Land of Oz

Had BBQ in KC before we called it a night. My friend reccomded the place and it was not a secret to the locals {the line was out the door}.

Men’s Health Magazine named it one of the top ten places to eat before you die. {Bucket List – Check}.

It was well worth the wait πŸ™‚

With all this in Day 1, Eric and I were beat. It was so great to have friends to stay with and catch up on life with Eric and Brittnea Adcock. Now we know that Southwest flies a few flights between Milwaukee and KC. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a picture with them, but really enjoyed seeing them again.

I have a place to live!

Or, I found an apartment in Wisconsin today!

After a solid week of seriously searching {by serious I mean emailing/calling 10+ people a day}, I finally found a place to stay come next Monday. It was such a blessing and answer to prayer. I’d been stressing all week about it.

Yes, I can stay in an extended stay place for a little while. But, there’s nothing like having your own space and something to create as your home. {even if there won’t be much to create until Nov/Dec when the furniture comes up}. Until then, I will get settled in and hopefully learn where stuff is at.

One good thing to note about the apartments complex is that it’s on the main bus route…translation, the roads will get plowed first. There is also a Wal-Mart across the street in case anything drastic happens. {oh my}!

This girl has a lot to learn about the cold weather. Who even knew about “winter advisory days” and “winter hazard days”.

The best part is, the apartments are just 6 blocks from the office, across the highway from the mall, and big enough for both of us to live in come December!