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The move – 500 miles to go!

Back on the open road for day 2 –

After leaving our half-way point (Kansas City) we set out across Missouri and into Iowa. It was overcast most of the day, so this is what we saw for much of the drive…

And here is what it looked like inside the car…

My turn to drive

and Eric’s turn to take another nap

We made it to Iowa in record time. {picture endless fields of corn}

Along the way we found a Wisconsin driver who loves the Texas Rangers {What are the odds?!}

Crossing into Wisconsin we took this bridge over the Mississippi {This is where it starts}


The rest of the drive was pretty much fields of corn or cows {what Wis is known for}. We stayed in a hotel the first night and I moved into my apartment the next day after work. Unfortunately, Eric left early the next morning to head back to Texas. Just a few short months and he’ll be joining me up here in the cold!