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Frist Day of School Survival Kits

This weekend, I found a cute way to show my appreciation for some of the teachers at Eric’s school {and him}.

On another blog{Keeping Life Creative}, she shared how she put together “survival kits for all of the teachers at the school as a member of the PTA. Now I am not that involved in Eric’s school, but have met a few nice teachers there who deserve a pat on the back.

The original version is much more planned out than mine, but I still think they’ll appreciate it.

Here are the contents of the bags. It’s not exactly the same as the example, but still very close:

For the description of contents, I included a short note of encouragement:


Teacher Survival Kit

Rubber Bands:  To stretch your mind and remind you to be flexible.

Paper Clips: To help you keep it together.

Starbursts: Because every student has the potential to be a star.

Gum: For all those “sticky” situations.

Band-Aids: To help heal the boo-boos.

Post-It Notes and Pen: To jot down your best ideas.

Highlighter: To remind you to highlight the positive.

Tissues: To wipe away the fears (and tears).

Almonds and Walnuts: Some days will be nuts, but tomorrow is a new day.


Lastly, I created a tag to put on the outside of each bag.

With all the hard work they will do and have done to prepare, a little note of appreciation will go a long way!