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Devil’s Lake – Closer to heaven than hell

This past Saturday morning, my new friend Maggie finally convinced me to go up to walk the trails at Devil’s Lake. She has a annual pass and this trip officially paid off her pass. The weather was perfect and there was still some color left on the trees.

Here are some of the views from the overlooks on the Southside. {I apologize for the photo quality – they were taken with my phone}

Look how smooth the lake is…

The rock formations made for great contrast against the vibrant fall colors.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have your house look out onto this lake ? {even if it is a state park with lots of visitors walking in your “yard”}

We were even able to find “Balanced Rock” on our way back down the hillside. {It was a little underwhelming for all the hype. We almost missed it}

This cooler weather isn’t so bad when you have a chance to get outside and enjoy the great views. Hopefully, I’ll be saying the same thing next month at this time {after the first few snowfalls}.

Happy Monday!

Rep Green and Gold

In a recent Baylor Proud email, they sent us a rap/anthem created by a former Baylor receiver. With the football craze starting on a high school, college and professional level, it’s so much fun to be a fan. {Even if TAMU thinks they’re too good to stay in the Big 12 with most of the state}.

Here’s the “anthem” to get you in the spirit!

\”Wins on Wins (Sic em Bears)\” Freestyle by Baylor Barbee

Baylor Bears – Winnin on Em
Green and Gold – Sic Em Homie
This is our Year, Gotta Get it Homie
Big 12, we movin up it
Spread the Field, Showin em homies
Throw The Deep Ball, “Nice to know ya”
Knockin em all down, we goin bowlin
Bandwagons already started rollin
Magic on Field when We Run that Play
Receivers and the backs that can run for days
Doomsday Defense,  they don’t play
It’s Safe to say, we here to stay
Brand New Year, Huntin on em
Brand New Gear, Stuntin on Em
Horns, Frogs and Owls, Grubbin On em
Movin thru em all like its nothin homie
Bring the A Game, never had a B
Get the whole 6, wont’ settle for three
You takin pride in the interlocking B – U
me 2
Pride in Baylor, Baylor Pride
Speed n Class, they can’t match our stride
Outwork em all, extra miles
Leadership, can’t outsmart Briles
Shine like a star with the lights off
Warriors in Pads with the Nikes on
Highlight reel, where the cameras at?
Show your support, where the banners at?
15 yards for a celebration
Jump into the Stands at baylor nation
Winnin on the road, We hear  em hatin
They can’t come in the Den at Floyd Casey
RG Got Wheels Like a sports car
Presidental – Judge Starr
Big shout out to the baylor line
Gameday, baby, its about that time
60 minutes, maybe more
when the clock strike zero, check the score
Bears Win – says John Morris
Trophy Time, what they got for us?
Y’all working hard? we working harder
Bowl Game last year, goin farther
New Year, New Team
Engine rollin, full head of steam
It’s out there bears, Get it
Sic Em Bears, Sic Em
Tradition Starts, you form the Mold
Let Em Know We Rep Green n Gold

Sic ’em, Baylor football and Baylor Nation!

Fall (and football) is almost here…

With 25+ days of 100 degree heat, it is hard to imagine that fall will be here soon. I can’t even imagine I’m starting to think about it yet.

But with school just around the corner, Eric has already started his coaching responsibilities. This week was his first week back and all the plans for the year are consuming his thoughts.

While the summer was a good “break”, I’m not sure what to expect this fall. When he was doing all his scouting reports, games and such last fall, I was busy planning our wedding. What will I keep myself busy with this fall? Now that we’re in the same house, his absense will be intensitfied. HELP!

Any others out there who have spouses who have a “busy season” or go months without having a conversation or meal together on a regular basis?

I’m already starting to make the list in my head of all the fun (and adventurous) things this fall will hold for this “football widow”. Let me know if you want to join me!