Kitchen Creations: Homemade Chicken Stock

With all the cooking I’ve done since we got married, I have always thought it was a waste to buy chicken stock or to through away the bones. I’ve seen other people make stock and heard about it, but was intimidated to make it myself..



After we bought a pre-cooked chicken from the store for food last week, I made sure we saved the bones. While I was at the museum with my mom, I found a recipe for the stock in the gift shop. To my knowledge you just boiled the bones…but no…there were vegetables and spices. Good thing we had everything on hand (less the carrots) so it was just a matter of chopping.

The full recipe can be found here at Taste of Home’s website.


2 thoughts on “Kitchen Creations: Homemade Chicken Stock

    1. Since there are no additives, I think it’d only last a week in the fridge. But I’ve heard you can freeze it to make it last longer. I’m still new at all this πŸ™‚

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