Friday night football in Wisconsin

Last night, we walked down the street to watch a little bit of the local high school football game. Eric was convinced it was homecoming because another school nearby was having theirs on the same night {They weren’t and he still owes me a dollar}.

While I don’t think the whole town was there, it did bring back memories of growing up and going to the games on Friday. The stadium looks just like the one that is now at the Junior High in my hometown, but the metal bleachers are so much colder here.

I think it was only in the 50s last night, but as the night went on it got colder. After watching all the little league football players welcome and warm up with the Varsity team, we decided to head back home. {i.e. I am a wimp and couldn’t feel my nose or legs anymore}.

Now we can say we’ve been! I’m sure we will try to make it out to a few more as the season goes on. It might be a toss-up on the really cold nights since they air the games on the local cable network, as well.

I already think this year is going to be colder than last. The weatherman is telling us to expect freezing temperatures tonight/early Sunday morning. In September, really?!

Good thing I got such a great deal on the heated mattress pad and blankets before I left Texas! We’re going to need them pretty soon here.

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