Fall (and football) is almost here…

With 25+ days of 100 degree heat, it is hard to imagine that fall will be here soon. I can’t even imagine I’m starting to think about it yet.

But with school just around the corner, Eric has already started his coaching responsibilities. This week was his first week back and all the plans for the year are consuming his thoughts.

While the summer was a good “break”, I’m not sure what to expect this fall. When he was doing all his scouting reports, games and such last fall, I was busy planning our wedding. What will I keep myself busy with this fall? Now that we’re in the same house, his absense will be intensitfied. HELP!

Any others out there who have spouses who have a “busy season” or go months without having a conversation or meal together on a regular basis?

I’m already starting to make the list in my head of all the fun (and adventurous) things this fall will hold for this “football widow”. Let me know if you want to join me!

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