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Tour de Midwest


For Spring Break, we took a road trip through six states to see friends and family. Since I technically am not supposed to travel from May on… And it will be a bit more involved when the baby comes, it was like a pre-babymoon of sorts {don’t worry we have a real one planned in April}.

Weddings, friends and Labor Day fun!

This past weekend, one of my good friends form college (and neighbor in the dorms freshman year, roommate sophomore year), got married.

She did a wonderful job with every single detail of the outdoor, shabby chic, western themed wedding.

Even though we were in the middle of downtown OKC, the venue made you feel as if you were out in the country too.

So happy for Kristin and Matt! And, can’t wait to see their marriage grow as they do. They are truly meant for each other, and I was so blessed to get to be a small part of their big day.







Draft Root Beer…Who knew?

As a part of our final tour in Wisconsin, we made a visit to Sprecher’s Brewery in Milwaukee. While they do make beer products served in their restaurants across the state, they are better known for their root beer. Made with honey instead of sugar, it is some of the best in the state.

On the tour, we were able to see where the magic happens. Beer and soda are brewed in the same kettle! Soda can brew and bottle in the same day, while beers can take much longer depending on the recipe. Even still, they outsell root beer to beers 3:1 overall.

They also showed us the bottling and labeling line. It is a smaller production but still like something out of Mr. Roger’s show. There is just something engrossing about how things are made on assembly lines to this day.

After the tour, we were able to sample up to four beverages in their restaurant after the tour, too. In the end, we both concluded the sodas were better than some of the beers. Eric is even plotting to bring 1/2 a keg of their root beer back to Texas with us soon.





Warmer Weather, Here We Come!


A few months ago, circumstances caused us to begin putting together a timeline for moving back to Texas and beginning the next chapter of our lives together. The one thing we were having trouble with was how we were going to make this transition.

A few weeks ago, God answered this question for us in a way we could not foresee. All of the pieces started to fall together making the move back an obvious next step.

The main thing that made the decision to move back so difficult were all if the friends and the community we’ve found here. They really have become like family to us and we are already making plans to come back soon to visit.

In the last few days, we have seen God’s hand opening doors for us, as well. We have both seen great opportunities develop in the job market that could only be explained by God’s perfect plan.

Besides the opportunity for new jobs, we are excited to be back closer to family and friends we left when we moved North. There are so many exciting life events coming up (three weddings by September and birthdays galore) that it will be good to be closer again.

While packing everything up and making the two-day drive will be a lot of work, I think we both feel this is what we should be doing… Even if that means leaving such good friends.

We knew our time in Wisconsin would be limited, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Family Fun Day Trip

We found out Eric’s brother and his family were going to be in Chicago for the weekend. Since its so close, we just had to go down and see them (and our godson, Tucker).

Josh and Courtney did a little sight seeing that wasn’t so kid-friendly so we had some time to spend some time with Tucker alone. It was so fun!

We took him down to Millennium Park to see the Bean, and then he crashed for a little while. He is getting to be so animated and such a happy baby to be around.

I’m so glad we were able to spend the day with them. Here are a few photos at the park. Eric is quite the proud uncle πŸ™‚






Lambeau Field Day Trip

Yesterday, we took a trip up to Green Bay to see Lambeau Field. It is something we have been meaning to do since we moved and today all the pieces fell just right to make it happen.

Lucky for us it was a slow enough day there were also spots left on the tour. The pride and knowledge of the tour guides speaks volumes of the fans. They truly believe the Packers organization can do no wrong – or at least that is the air they have bout themselves.

Here are a few photos from my phone of the tour. Most of it was inside. With temps around 23 degrees today, I’m glad we weren’t outside too long. Burr!






Weekend in the Twin Cities

For the past couple of years Eric has wanted a Yorkshire Terrier named β€œJames.” We’re not really sure what the fascination is with the breed or the name, but several months ago we were beginning to look at the possibility of adding a new member to Team America (Amanda + Eric = Team America).Β  However around that same time, Coldplay, one of our favorite bands had just released their tour dates for the U.S. Naturally, we did what any good β€œAmerican Team” would do… we voted.

In other words… “For those about to rock, we salute you”

Locked and Loaded

Let the show begin.

What it looks like when 25,000 wristbands blow up at once!

Somewhere out there is a dog who almost had a home under our roof, but instead has been pooping and peeing in someone else’s home, needing food, and a daily walk by someone else. In the meantime, we were able to rock out to one of the best shows this summer and then enjoy all of the amenities of the Twin Cities thereafter (including lavish dining, the Mall of America, plenty of sight-seeing, Β and even got to visit Bethlehem Baptist church on Sunday morning).

One of the few times they stood still long enough to get a pic of everyone.

The clean up crew is not going to be happy with this.

Nothing like a bunch of giant sized balloons to hit as you sing along.

What our faces looked like the entire show!

While we are enjoying our lives as D.I.N.K.S.(dual income no kids), we know that one of these days we will get to experience the joy of raising kids of our own and adding our own members to Team America. Until that time comes though, we will enjoy trying to see and experience as much as possible in the beautiful Mid-West!


“I want to say a quick hello to two of my close friends in the crowd… Eric & Amanda.” -Chris Martin

And for everyone else, thanks for coming…

Β Walking over the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN.