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Frist Day of School Survival Kits

This weekend, I found a cute way to show my appreciation for some of the teachers at Eric’s school {and him}.

On another blog{Keeping Life Creative}, she shared how she put together “survival kits for all of the teachers at the school as a member of the PTA. Now I am not that involved in Eric’s school, but have met a few nice teachers there who deserve a pat on the back.

The original version is much more planned out than mine, but I still think they’ll appreciate it.

Here are the contents of the bags. It’s not exactly the same as the example, but still very close:

For the description of contents, I included a short note of encouragement:


Teacher Survival Kit

Rubber Bands:  To stretch your mind and remind you to be flexible.

Paper Clips: To help you keep it together.

Starbursts: Because every student has the potential to be a star.

Gum: For all those “sticky” situations.

Band-Aids: To help heal the boo-boos.

Post-It Notes and Pen: To jot down your best ideas.

Highlighter: To remind you to highlight the positive.

Tissues: To wipe away the fears (and tears).

Almonds and Walnuts: Some days will be nuts, but tomorrow is a new day.


Lastly, I created a tag to put on the outside of each bag.

With all the hard work they will do and have done to prepare, a little note of appreciation will go a long way!


The Countdown…6 days left

With summer coming to and end {much faster than we want}, life at the Roark residence has returned to some normalcy with busy weekends.

This weekend was no exception! Of course it started off with some football {first scrimmage of the season}, then some quality time together and a night out in Fort Worth. I’m so glad it rained and cooled everything off enough to make it nice enough to enjoy the outside air.

Sunday, we began preparing for the week ahead and drove out to have lunch with some of my family. We just received our wedding album {the flawed version} and enjoyed showing it off to everyone during out long wait for a table. Afterwards, we went out to visit one of my college roommates and her husband as they were in town from Cali. It was so much fun to see them again. {I wish they lived closer}.

On our drive back home, we made a failed attempt to redeem a Smoothie King daily deal. Since Eric didn’t read the fine print before buying, there are only two locations in the area we can use it. Of course, they were both closed by the time we got there. Guess we’ll have to make another trip this weekend to use it!

Finally, we stopped by the store and picked up our groceries for the next couple of weeks. Usually, I do this alone while Eric is busy at home or work. I really wanted to show him how I shop so he could see what goes into it. He was a great help {even though I lost him in the store a few times}. We ended up with some great stuff, but I might rethink taking him again. {Yes, I did see those Combos you snuck in while I wasn’t looking}

After all that, we forgot to take pictures to share, but hope to do better next time.