Baby’s First Christmas

For the first time in our lives we had the opportunity to make our own family traditions at Christmas time. In the years to come I’m sure that we will realize the value of this more than this first year but none the less, we felt it was important to start right at the beginning.

Jonathan’s first Christmas he had the opportunity to spend it with both sets of grandparents and Mommy, Daddy, and his Molly. Christmas Eve was spent and Mamaw and Papaw Sawyer’s house, Christmas morning with us, and the days after Christmas we flew back to Ohio to spend it with Mamaw and Papaw Roark. Once again, he did great on the flight. Although he did not get to experience snow while he was there he did get to see Cincinnati at night, spend some time with his cousin Tucker, and welcome his 5th month in this world while in Ohio.

The night before we came back to Dallas, Eric’s parents watched the boys and gave us a chance to go out on a double date with his brother Josh and his wife Courtney. In the process of taking back the night we (Amanda) ran into some trouble with the law and was taken in. It turns out that Josh knew the the arresting officer and was able to get her released… it’s good to know people!

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