Baby Roark ~ Week 38


Size? Baby Roark is about the size of a watermelon – hopefully the smaller, seedless kind (19-22 in., around 6.3 to 6.5 lbs.)
Measuring: On track
Heartbeat? Between 135 to 140 at last appointment
Total weight gain/loss? 40 lbs. or so (the scale at the doctors office says I’ve gained more if I go later in the day… Which means I try to go as early as I can!)
Maternity clothes? yep!
Cravings? Still craving watermelon and fruit! Found a great sale at Sprouts this week and bought two melons for what I normally pay for just one at Aldi… Half of one was gone in a day between Eric and me. Might have to go back and get more before the sale is over.
Best moment of the week? Going grocery shopping for the (hopefully) last time before baby Roark arrives. We are stocked up and ready for those blurry first weeks… Now just to make a few freezer meals and we’re set!
Movement? Yep! He’s trying to push his way out through my right side most days, but I think he’s starting to figure out that it’s better to go down than up at this point… Hopefully for all of us.
Gender Predictions? It’s a boy!
What do I miss? Restful sleep. While I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat, I don’t wake up feeling well rested. Maybe I can catch up this weekend since it’s a slower one for us.
What am I looking forward to? Holding my little boy. We haven’t had another sonogram since our 19 week appointment because everything has gone so well. The anticipation is killing me now. Next time, we’re going to schedule one at 30 weeks if the doctor says it’s necessary or not. It’s been too long since the beginning of March.
How are you feeling? In the awkward, bulky stage, but I know it won’t be for that much longer.

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