Baby Roark ~ Week 37


Size? Baby Roark is about the size of a bunch of Swiss chard (19-22 in., around 6 to 6.3 lbs.)
Measuring: On track
Total weight gain/loss? 38 lbs. or so
Maternity clothes? yep!
Cravings? Still loving as much watermelon and cantaloupe as I can get… Fortunately, we also have some watermelons growing in our backyard garden. Eric’s worried about what we’ll do with them all when they’re ripe, but I have no doubt we’ll find a good (and tasty) solution.
Stretch marks? Not that I can tell, but there’s still a few weeks to go… I’m sure the real test will be after our little guy he’s here and thing shrink back.
Best moment of the week? Setting up the pack-n-play with the napper/changer in our room and getting all of the things Jonathan will need in the first few weeks ready to go. Getting organized helps me rest a little easier too (even if we still need to hang pictures and curtains in the nursery still).
Movement? While it’s slowed down a bit since he’s running out of room, I have a constant reminder that he’s there. He especially likes it after I eat something sweet and does a few stretches and kicks with the burst of sudden energy (but it can last up to an hour or more sometimes which is crazy).
Gender Predictions? It’s a boy!
What do I miss? Being able to organize things in my head for work and home while keeping them separate. Post-it notes have become my friend, and there are lists galore around our house, in my purse, the car, and who knows where else you’ll find them.
What am I looking forward to? Dying the curtains blue this weekend and getting them hung in the nursery. I think that will make the room look a little more complete (now that the ceiling fan is up and running).
How are you feeling? The tiredness and bulky feeling has become somewhat normal. I’m looking forward to the “quick” weight loss afterwards though. It’s truly amazing how everything can grow and shrink without much extra help.

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