Baby Roark ~ Week 36


Size? Baby Roark is about the size of a large cantaloupe (19-22 in., around 5.5 to. 6 lbs.)
Measuring: On track
Total weight gain/loss? 38 lbs. or so
Maternity clothes? yep!
Cravings? The healthy ones are watermelon and cantaloupe. The not so healthy are marshmallows and chocolate/ice cream sandwiches. Hopefully I can balance them out to maybe not sit and eat all of the sweets all at once… The watermelon on the other hand…
Stretch marks? maybe a few… I’m sure the real test will be after our little guy he’s here and thing shrink back.
Best moment of the week? Having Eric home from school and all his little projects on process. It was a little bit of a hairy start to the week, but I’m glad he has some time to get the last-minute baby projects and his “nesting” done before too long.
Movement? Yep! I can tell exactly where he is all the time. He even started to hiccup this week. Such a fun feeling.
Gender Predictions? It’s a boy!
What do I miss? Getting around easily and by feeling so weighed down. I think I’m starting to see why women don’t like the last few weeks, but I’m just hoping they will fly and be a thing of the past soon.
What am I looking forward to? catching up on things, seeing family and relaxing this weekend. A three-day weekend will be so nice!
How are you feeling? The fatigue has definitely set in again. Guess our little guy needs more of my energy to do his final preparations. As we do our last-minute prep here, we are getting more excited to see and hold him. Only a few more weeks to go! (Fingers crossed)

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