Baby Roark ~ Week 29

Like the shirt Eric bought as part of my Mother’s Day gift? I really think that’s what baby is trying to tell me sometimes with all his poking and jabbing.


Size? Baby Roark is about the size of a cabbage (17 in.,2.9 lbs.)
Heartbeat: 143-145 at 28 week appointment
Measuring: on track
Total weight gain/loss? 25 lbs. at this week’s appointment
Maternity clothes? Yes, and I had a sweet friend let me barrow some of her summer dresses to change it up a bit. It’s so great to have friends who have been there and know how it feels to be pregnant during the summer (fingers crossed these 50 degree mornings last a little longer).
Cravings? I have t really craved one thing during this pregnancy, but I do try to change up my snacks and meals each day. So far, I think I’ve done well overall at staying healthy. I just wish I had more time or from behind my desk to stay energized.
Stretch marks? Haven’t found any yet… Hopefully I have at least another month or so before they make their appearance.
Best moment of the week? Celebrating all the moms in my family on Sunday. It’s so special to see how each one cares for our family with their different strengths and gentle spirits.
Movement? Yep! He’s getting stronger too, and it takes me by surprise. It’s fun to still feel the flutters as he rolls and flips around.
Gender Predictions? It’s a boy!
What do I miss? I’ve gotten used to the feeling of being pregnant and the new changes it brings everyday. I guess i miss what my body used to feel like, but I honestly can’t remember what “normal” felt like anymore.
What am I looking forward to? There are so many things I could list here. This weekend is packed with fun things to look forward to – a baby shower, date night, picnic after church, maternity photo shoot and hopefully a chance to sleep in past 6 am.
How are you feeling? Very tired… Early mornings this week and last (5am or so) make it hard to stay up most nights without crashing at 9:30 or so. It’s nice to wake up rested and not have too many institutions in the middle of the night – yet!

2 thoughts on “Baby Roark ~ Week 29

  1. Love your shirt & reading your weekly posts & btw I didn’t have any stretch marks with either of mine & you may not either 🙂

    1. Thanks, Brenda. Eric got me the shirt for Mothers Day. He was very excited about his find, too. Fingers crossed the next month and a half is smooth sailing!

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