Ba Ba Ba Babble

For most of you know us, you know that we tend to be among the last to leave social functions because Eric doesn’t know how to pass up an opportunity for conversation. With that being said it came as no surprise that Jonathan quickly took after his daddy. At around three months that babel started and has only grown since. The linguist in Eric has to regularly fight the urge to set up experiments to see what Jonathan understands and what similarities he finds in him with the latest research, but it doesn’t keep him from providing play by plays with what our little man is doing… Eric is language development heaven.

None the less, we have learned that with some language behaviors (such as squealing) it is important to not provide too much encouragement as this can lead to interruptions in places where a quieter atmosphere is preferred (i.e. churches, libraries, nap time at his daycare, etc.).

IMG_1692 (2)

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