“AuRoCo Vaycay”

As much as we love our little man, sometimes it’s good for just Amanda and I to get away too. When we were living in Wisconsin we established irreplaceable friendships with families who took a chance on a couple of newlyweds who immigrated north after a job promotion. Needless to say one of the hardest parts of leaving Madison was saying goodbye to those families and wondering if we’d ever find that again.

Our Madison (Verona) friends to this day are still irreplaceable, but we have been SUPREMELY blessed to find a new community of friends who we can not only find love and find support in but also take vacations with and laugh at each other’s quarks. Thus, this past month we took an adults only vacation with our small group to Lake Tahoe for an extended weekend. Since the trip comprised of the Aupperlees, the Roarks, and the Coxs, we named our trip the” AuRoCo Vacay” (#aurocovacay2015). It was more fun than a blog can describe and we are already looking forward to our next adults only vacation with them! Eric even had a chance to catch up with a friend from church who now lives there with his wife and their two beautiful little girls.

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Pic 64 We love our small group and couldn’t be happier serving alongside this amazing group of people.

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