And that has been our year since Jonathan’s arrival :-)

Wow! I can’t believe that I just recapped a year of our life in 18 posts… Hopefully THAT will never happen again. Anyways, now that we’re caught up I think it’s best to end this year in review with our little man’s 1 year birthday party. When I look back over the past year it’s hard to imagine that a year has gone by but as I comb through these posts I can see that a lot has happened in our lives. God has been SO good to both Amanda and I and we can’t even begin t thank Him for all that he has allowed us to be stewards over. Tonight as I finish this post our home is quiet. Jonathan sleeping while periodically kicking the side of his crib (our only guess is that it’s just a twitch), our Molly is once again barking in her sleep (I’d like to know what it is that she dreams about since she is partially blind), and Amanda is out cold resting that brilliant mind of hers before a new week of challenges in which she will no doubt swoop in like the Jedi that she is and once again leave the marketing industry in awe.

Pic 67

Life is good… No, Life is GREAT!!!Pic 66

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